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Here are the two biggest things to know. One, I love movies, books and theatre. Two, I loathe not being sure of whatever I am doing. My desire is to create documentation that can help foster or bolster understanding about a topic, thereby increasing someone’s self-confidence and ability. Mark Anthony said "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life". By starting a business that allows me to share my energy and enthusiasm for that about which I am most passionate, I hope never to work again.

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Meet Jennifer Brathwaite

Writing has always been a liberating experience for me but more of a hobby, although one about which I was passionate. The decision, therefore, to turn that fulfilling pastime into a career as a Professional Writer was a big one, but also one of the best decisions of my life. Last year I self-published my first novel and am currently working on my second. A degree in Communication, a Diploma in Media Arts, and a Certificate in Technical Writing, matched with my work ethic and positive attitude make me confident I will be an asset to any business's or individual's communication needs. These qualities are what helped me write a 15-month Communication Plan for the United Nations Development Fund for Women's Caribbean office, and a Public Service Announcement for the Sexual Assault Rape Crisis Centre of Peel. This career as a full time Professional Writer might have been a while in coming but it is what I was meant to do and I hope to assist others in making their dreams a success.

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